Monday, May 19, 2008

Neal's Tale

As he walked down the path of an ongoing volley of trees and rocks, he was thinking hard about life, the universe and everything. He was searching for the missing part of himself that had eluded him for so long. Of course, he did only have one arm, but that's not the part he was looking for. He was thinking so hard that he couldn't bother to pay attention to where he was going. He happened to be going toward a freeway when he realized that he was in the middle of the freeway. He quickly ran to the other side of the freeway.
He was safe again: he walked back in to the trees. He was thinking again: oh boy, he was back in that state. As he walked down the path, he found a graffiti rock. It said things like: I will always love you Barbie, and GO!![insert sports team here] and mass amounts of random swear words, and stuff like, for a good time call Jenny at 867-5309. (Don't call it.) He moved on thinking some more.
There was something moving in the trees! It looked to be a donkey, but it was a legendary monkdonk, a cross between a monkey and donkey. It neighed at him from the trees. It jumped down from the trees and looked at him, and it sniffed him and brushed up against him, then looked again. As he bent down to pet this monkdonk, he decided to name him Old Gregg. He had what was missing: a best friend.
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