Thursday, August 28, 2008

Online Planetary Science Worksheet

Clip this worksheet and email it to your child, or copy and paste to your word processor program, tweak a bit, and print.

Exploring the Planets

Go to NASA. Check out the moon chart.

Counting both the named and provisionally named moons, how many do we know of that orbit Jupiter? _____ Saturn? ______

Why do you think that huge planets get more moons than small ones like Earth? ______________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

Right click on Compare Mercury to other planets/moons. Look near the bottom of the page and find the New Planets/Moons to Compare. Try out comparisons between several different space objects with Mercury. List a few fun facts that you've found.

Go back to the Mercury page. Click on Read More About Mercury. Do you think that places on Mercury ever have temperatures that are right for humans? ____________

Could someone live in perpetual twilight on Mercury and be relatively okay? __________________________

What could be dangerous about trying to observe Mercury? ___________________________________________________________________________________

Would you expect to find pieces of meteorites on the surface of Mercury? ____________________________________________ ______

What are scarps? How were they formed on Mercury? ____________________________________________________________________________________

Does Mercury have active volcanoes? __________________________________________

Water? ______________________________

A magnetic field? _______________________________

Who discovered Mercury?


Be sure to check out the Gallery, located on a tab at the top of the page.
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