Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Free Science Lessons-Earth Science

Google Earth

All ages. A program that allows you to see all over the world...by satellite! Amazing!! Take a tour of the Grand Canyon, visit Mount Saint Helens, see Victoria Falls...and find your house!!

NASA all ages

Wonderful Resources for teaching, including lesson plans, printable worksheets, and games...all free!!

Also check out their kids' page. It has introductions to air, water and land, along with games and puzzles.


Older children and teens. An online exhibit about Earthquakes, including activities.

NOAA Jetstream

Older children and teens. A school for weather, from the US National Weather Service. Includes review questions.

NOAA Ocean Explorer

Older children and teens. News, photos, video, curriculum about the ocean worldwide. Truly fascinating!

How Volcanoes Work

Older children and teens. A site with good explanations, photos and charts, to make a very good

Volcano World

All ages. Great Photos and news about volcanic activity the world over! Be sure to check out the 'Kids Door' section for activities for the younger ones. Kids can even submit their Volcanic Art!!!

Extreme Science

Does you child love world records, extreme sports, believe-it-or-not type information? They will love this site..and you will to! It's full of pictures and media of the extremes of the world. A good way to get a child out of the doldrums, or feed their need for interesting facts. Also a good site to suggest when they're bored....

Science with me

A cheery, colorful website with games, animations, worksheets and coloring pages for preschool to about age 10. Subscription required, but it's free!

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