Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our First Week...

This week was travelling school. Charlie (Dad)  was off, so we made several short trips, many of which were educational  ;-)
Sunday was niece Angie's baby shower, which was very enjoyable, followed by dinner at Charlie's parents. Monday was local business and soccer practice. Tuesday was a home day, Wednesday was a trip to Ceasar Creek Fossil Beds. We came home laden with bags of  fossils, most of which were shells and corals.
Thursday was soccer practice.
Friday started out with a stop at Batelle Darby Creek Park, which was lovely, especially when we were heading down to the river when it began to rain very heavily. We  made it to the van without being struck by lightning but with totally soaked clothing. The heater and fan on the van were put to good use on our way to  the Center of Science and Industry in Columbus. There we learned about Egyptology, archaeology, physics, chemistry, oceanography, and basketball-playing rats! (Between the homeschool discount and the military discount, we pais $12.50 for 5 people!)This was followed by dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse and way too much food! I'm not sure that I'll  have the Pasta Alfredo again, but the chocolate cake was deleriously wonderful!
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