Sunday, November 15, 2009

Handwriting On the Web

Handwriting is a subject that tends to bring out strong opinions...either good handwriting is the hallmark of an organized mind, or it is becoming obsolete and is no longer important.

My kids opt for the latter view.

They still do a bit of handwriting practice here and there, though, or their scribbles become illegible rather quickly. I do try to keep it connected with their studies and interests, though, so that making letters is not the only thing that they learn. That's where these worksheet makers come in handy. Why write disconnected sentences and random words when you can do handwriting and learn to spell 'diplodocus' or the name of your best friend's horse at the same time? Younger children especially seem to enjoy tracing sentences about themselves and their family, and  it is an excellent way to practice spelling without doing spelling lessons.

Some of the sites also have premade pages, for those days when your imagination, or your desire to type out the names of prokaryotic organisms, is flagging. HER has especially nice ones.

ESL Writing Wizard

This wonderful site lets you choose your style (Zane-Bloser or D'nealian, print or cursive), size, page layout, line setup...and then write your own text! There are many premade ones available, and you can save your own, and make them public if you wish.

Basic print, D'Nealian print and cursive are available.

Basic printing, and really nice sheets with days of the week, months, etc. Also some mazes, which are excellent pre-writing and warm-up activities. Blank handwriting paper also!

H.E.R. printables

Very nice premade sheets with basic printing and cursive. The sheets have coloring pictures, illustrations, and  more. These are very beautifully done!!

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