Saturday, November 21, 2009


Neal has decided to study weather, probably because he so coveted a weather kit that we saw at the gift shop of the Boonshoft Museum in Dayton. Maybe someone else could use my list of links! These are reviewed as they might apply to a bright 13yo.

We start with Wikipedia because it links so nicely to authoritative sources. (No, it's not a good primary source, but it's a superlative starting point!)

JetStream is a program put together by NOAA. It's designed to teach people about how the weather works. Looks promising.... a god basic resource. instruction, online quizzes and more at COMET. These are designed for adults, but they could prove useful. It's also much more fun to take a test online and have them record the score than for mom to do it.

Bad Meteorology - a site after my own heart! Raindrops aren't teardrop-shaped, clouds don't form because cool air holds less water....misconceptions skewered


The Globe Program links weather watchers from all over the world. If Neal gets really excited about it, this could be an outlet for his enthusiasm.

That should get us started!
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