Monday, March 29, 2010

Our Space Mission

Back in February, while my husband was basking in the semi-warm sun in Del Rio, Texas and we were dodging record snowstorms here in Ohio, Neal, Allie and I checked Google Maps and ventured out to the Challenger Center in downtown Dayton.

The Challenger Center is one of 50 learning centers in over 30 states and a few foreign countries. Homeschool groups, Scout troops, school classes, and such can make reservations to take part in a simulated space mission. Allie and Neal's mission involved studying a comet, but other ones include visits to Mars and the Moon.

Kids are given various jobs on their chosen mission, and guided in performing them. Allie was in medical, and Neal was in communications. They had a really good time, and enjoyed working with the other homeschooled kids. The adults who led the program were very enthusiastic and communicated well with the kids.

We'll be looking forward to visiting the Final Frontier again soon!

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