Tuesday, April 13, 2010

School Report!

We've wandered aimfully (Is that a word? My spellcheck says no, but it certainly seems like it should be!) through this school year, dodging heavy snows, rearranging the house and welcoming Renee and Brad's new baby son. Our academic year is fairly well over. We've nearly finished our CAT tests (from Seton Homeschool) to satisfy the demands of the Almighty State.

Here are our current school activities:

Alanna, age 10:

Fractions workbook
Key to Geometry 
Calvert Math Workbook

A History of US
George Washington's World

Real Science for Kids Chemistry

Rummy Roots (Latin and Greek root words game)

Writing her constant novels

Reading a few hours a night


Logic problems

Girl Scouts



Cooking, etc.

Neal, age 13:

The Teaching Company's High School Chemistry
Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments

The Teaching Company's Early Middle Ages

Real World Algebra
Key to Algebra


Computer - Linux admin


Reading - just got the new John Green book!

Making videos

Should keep us busy for a while. I'm thinking about continuing school off and on through the summer, but the best-laid plans of mice and men and homeschoolers....
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