Saturday, March 14, 2009

Flu Season is Over.... least, I hope so. It dragged on and on and on, and now we're all recovering.

Ken and Evan are currently in Canada at a music festival with Caleb. They left on Friday, armed with birth certificates and a notarized parental permission form, which they didn't need.

For some reason (massive coughing? 102 degree fevers?) we haven't done much school for the past few weeks. I want to get back to it on Monday. Here is a list of our present projects:

Renaissance unit studies: Our World History videos, lots of books, art projects, etc.

Math is The Life of Fred. Excellent fun!

Science : Ken and Neal are watching a college-level video series from The Teaching Company on Earth Science. It's detailed and interesting. Allie and I are reading several books.

Writing for the history notebook and for fun.

Maybe, if the weather is as promised, we'll go to the Columbus Zoo this week. This being Ohio in march, though, it's a bit unlikely.
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