Sunday, March 22, 2009

School Report....

Allie and Neal:

The Renaissance Unit is going well. The kids have a timeline book, with cardstock pages that are labelled with the centuries or smaller units of time as needed. We decorate the pages with pictures that we download from the Interwebbies and glue on the pages. Dover books makes small books that have stickers of the works of great artists, which brighten things up a bit.

We listen to music from the time period, do art projects and read biographies of interesting people. The notebooks include worksheets, reports and other papers that pertain to the time.

Bedtime story right now is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. At least until Allie starts having problems getting to sleep...

Allie: Math is multiplication, geometry and fractions.
She also has  a book that uses  fairy tales as story starters. Her ad for Rapunzel's shampoo was fun!
Science is what she decides to read or discover, which varies a lot.

Neal: Math is Beginning Algebra. Writing is blogging, writing stories and creating cartoons. He has also tried just about every type of Linux on his Eee. He's building a computer from stuff around the house.

Ken  and Neal are watching a video series from The Teaching Company on Earth Science. It's college level, and they seem pretty happy with it.
Ken is studying Algebra, writing, studying guitar, and doing his usual computer stuff.
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