Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sickness in the Middle Ages

Neal, Allie and I have been studying the Middle Ages, which is hard to do when they are using tissues faster than a crossbowman can reload. They've been laying on the couch watching history videos from The Teaching Company, which feature a high school teacher who dresses up for the time period and does various accents. He's quite witty and entertaining, and he gets the points across very well. The kids enjoy it.

We are also starting Medieval Lives, which is a dvd series by Terry Jones of Monty Python fame. In it, he demolishes much of what you think of when the Middle Ages pop into your mind, which probably isn't often.

We have plans for projects, like adding to our timeline books, painting with egg paints like Giotto, making foil pictures, listening to Medieval music, reading Chaucer, etc., but that will have to wait until Kleenex usage has declined.

Ken asked what he needed to do to graduate, probably with inspiration from his lovely friend Ashlynn, who's homeschooled and graduating in a few months. I told him that he needed a bit more math and some type of committment to learning to make a living: i.e., taking his A+ Computer Tech exam, and/or starting college. He rather liked this idea. He says that he's ready to take the exam now, but I encouraged him to study up, since the exam costs over $200.
More info as it becomes available....

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