Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Break...Sort Of....

We finished our exams. I've sorted the books and stored the best for Brenna and Noah. A few that need to be finished or reviewed are on the desk waiting. I've even chosen the basic outlines for the Fall's Learning Season.

But learning continues here between the Asiatic Lilies and the enormous tomato plants. Alanna and Elizabeth have their own garden behind the Gray Building (my husband's great-grandfather's former blacksmith shop that's next to our house.) Their broccoli is gorgeous, and their pumpkin plant is threatening to engulf the entire back of the building! The girls also have a pottery class starting tomorrow.

Neal has plans involving soccer, computers and science experiments, but he's a bit vague. Thirteen is a vague year.

We do have a bit of math to review this summer, and a bit of a history book to finish ( A History of USBook 3 on the American Revolution.) We'll squeeze that in between painting the front porch and redoing the living room floor. Our current family debate is about whether to paint the porch white with green accents, like the rest of the house, or Black and Gold to honor the Columbus Crew Football (soccer to you, probably!) team...

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