Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mathematics Resources on the 'Net

Younger Kids' Math Pages

Aunty Math
Every week, new story problems are posted, with options for easier or harder ones. They're generally made for ages 5 to 11, and good explanations are given the next week.

Word Problems for Kids

Hundreds of fun mindbenders to try, with answers and explanations given

Play Kids Games
Several fun games for ages 5 to 10. Great for reinforcing basic skills. Better than flashcards!

Create a Graph
Make graphs with this fun online program!

Figure This!

Math challenges for families!

Math Timeline
Scroll along the timeline and click on the Mathematician's icon...a fun way to learn a bit about the history of mathematics.

Flash tutorials that start with digits and head on through computation.

Timez Attack

A free, really well-done video game that teaches times tables with the aura of a typical adventure computer game!My son did actually plead to play it! The full version costs money, but it's worth it!!

BBC Schools Ages 4 to 11

Games and activities to reinforce learning.

Older Kids' Math Pages (Pre-Algebra and beyond)

Homemade Algebra Tiles
A way to reinforce Algebra lessons for your kinesthetic learner. With explanations of how to use them.


A flash program that teaches algebra interactively, with audio and animations.

A graphically illustrated site with a monster mind reader, fractal generator, crop circle geometry, and algebra animations!

BBC Schools Secondary Math
The Beeb helps the older ones study...

This mathematically-based show has a website which provides activities to go along with the shows...Bill Nye has even guested on it, so how far off can they be? Actually, the Head of the Mathematics Dept. at Caltech handles their math for them...

Simpsons Math
Yes, the TV show.  Al Jean, Executive Producer and head writer, has a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Harvard University, and many of the shows have a mathematical theme...

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