Monday, September 13, 2010

This Week in Semi-unschooling...

This past week was a busy one, though not in the usual way. My husband was off work, and that led to atypical activities alongside the Usual Suspects.

Soccer practices and games seemed to dominate the week, whether those of Neal and Allie, Evan, Ken, or all of the above along with eight or nine other people who showed up in our backyard late at night. There were, of course, televised games also.

On the "bookwork" side of things, we watched part of the BBC Life  series and more of the Standard Deviants American Government DVD. Allie and Neal both spent time writing and reading. Neal has been listening to Harry Potter books at bedtime also.

Neal and Allie have developed a fascination with the pasta maker. I've come down in the morning several times now and found boxes of  fresh homemade pasta in the fridge.

The Local Village Festival was this past weekend, and the kids learned that it wasn't wise to eat a mound of fair food before one intends to go on rides. Messes up one's plans a bit!

Neal and I attended the Ohio Linux Fest in Columbus. We attended five workshops on Ubuntu, video editing, writing in Python, etc. We also got bags full of cool stuff.  We had to miss the parade on Saturday, but it was well worth it!

Ken passed his DSST exam, Introduction to Computers. Shocking, no?

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