Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where does the time go?

This last week was constantly busy, but it's hard to see what was done.

We've nearly finished the BBC Life series, which was wonderful.  Both kids are in Rec Dept. Soccer, so it seems that someone is playing or practicing every night. They've also finished Standard Deviants American Government DVD, which is a great intro to what can be a dry subject.

Allie has read some in Exploring the Way Life Works, and done some work with her cell biology CD-ROM.

She's done several Grammar worksheets, and a few chapters in Calvert Math 6 Practice Exercises and Challenge Math .

She also has more than 200 pages written of her latest novel. She won't let me see it, though!

Neal wanted to blow things up again, or at least set them on fire, but I was a spoilsport and made him do experiments from The Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments. Some fun I am!

He's read more chapters in Culture and Values.

Neal is working on Real World Algebra and reviewing with Spectrum Math 8.

He's also doing his best to avoid any kind of writing, except maybe texting!

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